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Odoo: Het nieuwe OpenErp

OpenERP is moving into new territories, beyond ERP. Over the past weeks, we released an open source CMS, a disruptive eCommerce and a Business Intelligence engine. Integrating your sales floor with inventory, accounting and manufacturing plant is one thing. But we think modern companies deserve more than this.

Great companies should integrate all their sales channels: point of sale, eCommerce, inbound sales. Great companies need to have strong inbound marketing activities linked to a 360° reporting engine and to their CRM. Great companies need their project management application linked to their timesheets, financial and accounting applications.

With 3.000+ apps, OpenERP is unique. No other product allows such a level of integration out-of-the-box. For these reasons we think it’s time to differentiate OpenERP from traditional ERP players. There is no comparison anymore.

So, we renamed the product and company into “Odoo”.

Why Odoo?

We needed a brand which is free of constraints. We wanted a brand that allows us to release ERP applications like sales, accounting, inventory, procurements. But the brand should also fit with our latest apps like website builders, e-commerce, point of sales or business intelligence. Odoo is growing so quickly that we also expect to release stuff we don’t even think of today. Applications that are not compatible with the perception the people have of an ERP. If we need to build sky-rockets to empower our users, we will do it.

Odoo is a suite of business apps, not only an ERP. 200.000 users are using one application only. To break this “one big block” image of traditional ERPs, we wanted a name that we can compose to create names for every standalone application.

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